An SLCCP Update

Since completing training, the following SLCCP participants have gone on to work in various roles in media, production and education. Read about their experiences below.

Fouad Kargbo – Participant and Program Manager

The cultural Conservation Program (SLCCP) has been the only organization in Sierra Leone ever, since 2011, to document and digitalize the cultural heritage of the country, ranging from artifacts, dress codes, music, medicine and so on, for research and touristic purposes.

Working on the project has been an enlightening end educative experience. We had participants that were trained on different media ethics and equipped with the knowledge of acquiring information and digitalizing them for research and archiving. Lots of information was gathered in the first phase that made the project a success and a potential for economic and cultural benefit to the country. Since the first phase was a pilot, it achieved more than expected and could do way better if given a second phase, based on experiences learned.

Being hired as a Program Assistant, I had very fresh and positive ideas that were continuously shared with my bosses for the improvement of delivery since I come from youth activism and have years of experience working with children and youths. Though my recommendations were not heard, the project was slow to achieve its full potential and delivery. I believe that with time, we can learn to understand our strengths and weaknesses for future implementation.


It was an opportunity and a great experience to be part of such training, I was a complete novice by then in terms of camera operations, editing, developing a concept for documentary etc. After that first phase, now I have very good knowledge on the mentioned areas.

Before then, I was just interested in becoming a camera operator, after sometimes during the training, my focus tends to be shifted into more of documentary stuff. Although there were some problems along the process, especially in terms of adequacy of equipment and facilitations when it was time to go out on exercise. Normally the facilitators used to divide us into two groups; of course some people always relax when its group work.

I was expecting a continuation or a second phase of that training and with the provision of start upkits/equipment, especially when we were asked to present individual project topics.

Thanks to the facilitators and sponsors of that project, especially for the launch and transport support, it makes participants to be more focused and concentrated on the course as we used to be in class from 4pm onto 8, 9pm.

Gloria O.R. Yaskey – Program Offer / Research Assistant 

During my tenure as Program Officer and Research Assistant 2 at the Sierra Leone Cultural Conservation Program (SLCCP), I directly supervised the activities of the kids (beneficiaries) who were assigned to me to ensure that they actively participate and exhibit knowledge and skills acquired from training sessions. Below are highlighted impacts of the Project (Sierra Leone Cultural Conservation Program) on the beneficiaries and on me while serving as Program Officer and Research Assistant 2.

Impact of SLCCP on me as Program Officer/ Research Assistant:

• Learn a lot dealing with large number of kids from difference backgrounds
• Learnt and had adequate knowledge on operating video cameras and digital equipment’s
• Learnt how to develop and produce short documentaries
• Meet people from different facets
• Learnt a lot on Project Management and execution
• Was taught on the processes and techniques / skills in creating Audio and video libraries for the project
• Was also taught how to use video editing softwares

Impact of SLCCP on beneficiaries:

• Beneficiaries were taught how to operate, direct and produce documentaries
• They were also taught of interview skills
• Also, beneficiaries were taught how to operate all digital equipment’s including cameras, recorders etc.
• Was also taught how to use video editing softwares, during their TV and Film production session
• Beneficiaries were taught on being  creative
• Beneficiaries were also given the opportunity to meet with different Actors / Actresses / TV, Radio and Newspaper Icons
• They were taught on health and hygiene practices
• They were taught on writing narratives (stories)
• They were also taught on telling their own stories from their perspective

Participant Career Updates:

Currently Searching for Employment: Patricia, Islam, Christiana and Salim
Valona Taylor – Digital/Graphics – Africa Young Voices Media Empire (TV), Freetown, SierraLeone
Millicent Kargbo – Communications Officer, National Youth Commission, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Gloria Yaskey – Program Officer, Kids Educational Engagement Project, Monrovia, Liberia
Fouad Kargbo – Sierra Leone Film Council
Jongopie Cole – Primary SchoolTeacher, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sinneh Sesay – Camera Operator–Africa Young Voices Media Empire, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Kabbah – Camera Operator/Photographer – Associated Press
Arnold – Freelance photographer, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Aminata Drynie Bockarie – Sierra Leone Film Council