2015 CCP Graduation Films

The Sierra Leone Cultural Conservation Program (CCP) is proud to present the 2015 Graduation Short Films by participants who completed the 3 1/2 year training program. The final component of the program was the documentary workshop.

The CCP has actively engaged its participants on technical and practical skills in documentary filmmaking. With the aid of professional tutors, participants were adequately enabled to acquire professional skills needed to produce polished documentaries, including development and each stage of production.

They were instructed on all of the elements that define the craft as a whole such as, the interview process, techniques and skills needed in producing vox populi documentation and using video cameras. The CCP participants have grown and excelled. Some of the students have since been hired to do film production in the country by international news agencies. Furthermore, one student has begun working on an oral history project, in which he is taking photographs and collecting audio reports from around the country. Please enjoy the videos!