Arsenal take charge of title race, Juventus are in trouble, Mudryk stars in dull Liverpool-Chelsea draw, more

Arsenal take charge of title race Juventus are in trouble

It feels like we say this every week, but what a weekend in Europe’s top leagues! Arsenal bested Man United in a superb Premier League clash, while Liverpool and Chelsea continued to misfire in a dull 0-0 draw that was anything but entertainment. Elsewhere, we had a big Barca-assisted win for Atletico Madrid, more Dortmund … Read more

LaLiga 2021-22 takeaways: Real Madrid rampant, Atletico regress, Sevilla in trouble

LaLiga 2021 22 takeaways Real Madrid rampant Atletico regress Sevilla in

Let’s be honest: It hasn’t been the most exciting season in LaLiga. The drama Real Madrid and Villarreal have packed into their Champions League runs evidently didn’t leave much for domestic play. Real Madrid wrapped up their 35th title with four games to spare, and their odds of winning said title hadn’t been below 80%, … Read more